Summer Hair Care

It’s Sunny Season, YAY!!

Maybe you’re off away somewhere dreamy or hoping for some UK sun? Either way it’s as important to protect our hair as it is our skin. Pool days and golden hours are amazing but, they can be very damaging on our curls if we don’t look after them.

It’s so important to keep our hair hydrated. Scrunching water into our curls really does work, simple yet effective. Clean Water is our ultimate CURL HERO, unfortunately that doesn’t include water that’s in the Pool or Sea. Go crazy and enjoy yourself but always try and rinse it through to lose that salt or chlorine.

For those full days in the sun there are some fabulous products available out there from actual hair SPF’s to Aftersun Masks. Here are some of our favourites at Curls Like Us HQ...

Blaise McGowan